Lunch/Dinner Menu

*Due to ongoing supply chain issues, Local Market Deli reserves the right to make reasonable substitutions and we thank you for your understanding*


Freshly made & frozen soups   4.50

Chicken Lemon, Vegan Lentil, Black bean vegan chili, beef stew, Italian wedding  

Frozen Individual Dinners   8.99

Manicotti, Cheese lasagna, Cheese Ravioli, Meat Lasagna, Meat Loaf, Stuffed Peppers, 

Frozen Pizza to Go 

12” Gluten Free Cheese 15.99 Pepperoni 16.99 Veggie 17.99

14’’ Flat Breads Cheese 15.99 Pepperoni 16.99 Veggie 17.99

14’’ Regular Pizza Crust Cheese 11.99 Pepperoni 12.99 Vegie 13.99


Fresh Salads

Market Salad (mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, beets, and feta cheese) 9.99

Classic Caesar salad 9.99

Add Extra feta or shaved parmesan 2.00

Add Chicken, Turkey, Ham 3.99

Dressings: Ranch, Italian, Blue Cheese, Caesar, House Dressing 

Extra dressing 1.00


Cold Subs served on bakery fresh rolls 

Prosciutto Fresh Mozzarella and Mixed Greens Sandwich 12.99

Italian (ham, mortadella, chorizo, genoa salami, provolone, mixed greens, tomatoes, onions) 9.99

Turkey & Monterey Jack, mixed greens, tomatoes, onions 9.99

Ham & Monterey Jack mixed greens, tomatoes, and onions 9.99


Steamed Subs served on toasted white hoagie roll with mixed greens, tomatoes, onions (LTO)

Pastrami and Monterey Jack + LTO 10.99

Corned Beef and Monterey Jack + LTO 10.99

Brooklyn Steamer (Pastrami, Corned beef, Ham, Monterey Jack + LTO) 11.99


Hot & Crispy Pressed Subs

Cuban (Pulled Roasted Pork, Virginia Ham, Swiss Cheese. Mayo, Mustard and Pickles) 9.99

Turkey & Swiss Panini 9.99

Ham & Monterey Jack Panini 9.99

Dagwood Mixed Meats (Pastrami, Corned beef, Virginia Ham, Turkey Monterey Jack with mixed greens, tomatoes, and onions) 12.99


Ready To Go Homemade Hot Food

Marinated & slow roasted Pulled Pork with rice and bean 9.99

Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters with rice and beans 9.99

Meatloaf Dinner with mash potatoes and fresh selection of vegies 10.99

Beef Stew 8.99



Rice 2.00

Beans 2.00

Potato Salad 2.99

Macaroni and Cheese 2.99

Seasoned roasted Veggies 2.99

Marinated Olives Medley 6.99

Hummus 16 OZ 7.99

Tzatziki 16 OZ 9.99

Baba ghanoush 16 OZ 8.99



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